We work with clients in any manner they feel most comfortable whether it be in-person or remotely. Use the below button to book your on-site appointment. Call (210) 658-2587 or email us at: kipp@taxprosa.com to make remote arrangements.

If you are a new client or you have not been to our office in several years, please provide proper identification (driver’s license, social security card, etc.) for all household members. We also need a complete copy including all worksheets and schedules of your prior year tax return filing.

Normally appointments are set for one (1) hour on the hour. If you have multiple filings or a more complex tax situation, please contact us so we can allow for additional time.


Are you Prepared?

Download our Business Expense Categories PDF:
Business Expense Categories PDF


Federal law requires mandatory electronic filing for all tax preparers who provide services for more than 10 individuals. We must receive your signed e-file signature page (Form 8879) before we can e-file your tax return. For taxpayers who do not live locally and send their information to us, we must receive your complete important tax source documents no later than March 15th to complete your tax return timely by April 15th. Any tax data received after that date may require an extension although we do our best to get all tax returns done by the original filing deadline.

Professional Fees

It is difficult to quote prices as our rates are based on the number and type of forms that are required for your particular tax filings. Also considered is overall complexity therein, length of time necessary to meet our internal standards, and level of expertise required to complete the best possible tax return for you. Our fees are very competitive when compared to the overall marketplace and normally will be under what larger tax preparation companies, franchises, and accounting firms charge for equivalent preparer skill levels, experience, and career commitment.


Cash, check, all credit/debit cards, and Bitcoin are accepted with no upcharges.  You can also execute payment here: https://taxprosa.com/make-a-payment/  All fees are due in full at the completion of your tax return or professional service.